About Us

This website is dedicated to shedding light on the different ways that substance abuse can harm us and the world we live in.

Here you will find news and articles themed around different substances and drugs. These writings will include drug-related crime, drug epidemics, rehabilitation, the effects of drug usage, new developments in the world of drugs and addiction treatment, and more.

In California, substance abuse continues to grow. Recently, methamphetamines are increasingly prevalent in central California. The over-prescription of opioids causes addiction-related issues state-wide. The homeless population continues to battle with the drugs that are readily available to them. Poor mental health and lack of treatment continue to lead people down the path of substance abuse.

There is still much to be understood when it comes to the drug crises facing our society today. We want to open the door to learning and discussion, to do our part in remedying this. It is essential to understand the ways substance abuse can affect life, the lives around it, and even society as a whole.

We hope to begin to understand the drug-related issues within California, and to provide research and writings that can help others understand them as well.