Honduras Ex-Police Chief Faces US Drug Trafficking Charges

A former chief of Honduran Police, Juan Carlos Bonilla Valladares, is currently facing drug trafficking charges in the United States of America. The charges dictate that the former chief, also known as “El Tigre,” was involved in shipping cocaine to the US. Cocaine is a powerful drug that makes its users become addicted very quickly and leads to severe health harm on the long term use. Moreover, the charges also state that the former chief carried out these operations on behalf of Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández and his brother. 

The charges were first declared in 2012; however, the defendant denied the accusations and is under fire once again. The chief is not in US custody, and the Honduran officials have ultimately rejected all accusations and allegations of any involvement or knowledge of any trafficking.

The president has not been charged with anything in the USA. On the other hand, his brother, Juan Antonio Hernández, known as Tony, has been caught during cocaine drug bust,  charged and found guilty on the charges of drug trafficking. He is to be sentenced in June 2020.

According to a witness, Juan Antonio Hernández took $1m from a jailed Mexican drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán. The money was supposed to be delivered to the Honduran president.

According to the prosecutors in New York, the former chief of Honduran police was in charge of delivering the cocaine shipments to the US border. Moreover, it was further dictated that Mr. Bonilla also conducted extreme violence to silence the competitors, and even murdered a rival drug trafficker on the request of Honduran President’s brother.

The prosecutors went on to state that the former chief police took bribes from Honduran president’s brother and allowed his shipment to pass through the border. Moreover, he also kept the traffickers up-to-date with the law enforcement activities and kept them out of any harm.

The former chief police, Juan Carlos Bonilla Valladares, is currently 60 years of age and is facing heavy drug trafficking charges in the US. He has also charged with the crime of using machine guns to carry out this operation, and the punishment for these crimes may be a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Mr. Bonilla said in a recent interview, “I feel my dignity has been completely offended because I’m not a drug trafficker.” His current whereabouts are unknown, and the Honduran police officials are currently looking for him.

President Hernández enjoys a strong endorsement from the Trump administration. He has previously described himself as being strict on narcotics, and he also presented himself as responsible for breaking up powerful gangs and extraditing criminals to the United States.

He faced public demands to step down from his position last year after a court document linked to his brother’s case was published. It claimed that illicit money had funded his presidential campaigns in the year of 2013, and he was widely regarded as a co-conspirator in drug trafficking activities.

He denied any involvement or knowledge of these activities and was re-elected in 2017. However, there were countrywide protests claiming that the polls were fraudulent. Over thousands of locals have left the country because of poor administration, poverty, and rising violence. The prosecutors and other officials are waiting for the court to sentence the president’s brother in June.