LA Sheriff’s Deputy Stages Bust in Order to Steal Marijuana and $615k

On March 4th, an LA deputy and an accomplice pleaded guilty to charges that originated with an armed robbery for $615k and half a ton of weed, or marijuana. Marc Antrim pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy, possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute, and a “deprivation of rights under the color of law,” or using his position as an officer to do harm and take from civilians. Via his plea agreement, he faces decades behind bars, but then it is ultimately to be decided by the judge.

Kevin Mcbride, Matthew Perez, Daniel Aguilera, and Jay Sanford also face charges after being involved in the crime.

One of Atrim’s co-defendants came forward and pleaded guilty to conspiracy, to possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute, and to being possessing a gun as a felon. Eric Rodriguez, an ex-convict, now faces the number of years in prison.

According to the prosecutors, the men collaborated with Atrim to carry out the armed robbery, back in October. They drove to the warehouse in an unmarked Ford. This Ford was allegedly registered as a police department vehicle. The men dressed as deputies from the LASD. They posed as officers with a warrant to search the warehouse. The men made the scene out to seem like a legitimate search by police.

After the crime had been put into action, Atrim allegedly detained the security guards of the warehouse. Sanford served as a look-out. Aguilera drove a rental truck used for transporting the stolen items (marijuana and two safes filled with cash).

In an ironic twist, the LAPD responded to an actual call to the warehouse, showing up in the midst of a faux search. Three of the men fled, while Atrim stayed behind, falsely explain he was carrying out legitimate orders. He put the officers in contact with a man he claimed was his sergeant. It was later revealed that the man was not a member of the LAPD, but merely posing as a sergeant.

The officers at first took his claims as true, leaving, and allowing the heist to be completed. The criminal complaint called for further investigation.

All of the men involved are now facing charges.