Man Arrested for Alleged Drug Trafficking Between California and Hawaii

After an investigation that had lasted for months, according to police, an arrest has been made. The man was a suspect in alleged drug trafficking and taking part in an operation that brought heroin and methamphetamine with him from California.

Kauai Police arrested the man, Kameron Lawhead after a woman called them to report he was carrying drugs in his car, according to police. The officer who arrested Lawhead said a police dog detected narcotics in Lawhead’s vehicle when he was being arrested, and a subsequent search turned up 14.4 grams of crystal meth.

Lawhead was charged for promoting the drug in the second degree. He was held on $500,000 bail. According to a spokesperson of the county, Lawhead reported symptoms, and he had to be taken to Wilcox Medical Center for treatment before being returned to the custody of the KPD.

The resident in question has a criminal record with 25 years of counts. Lawhead is called a “career criminal” by the officer in charge of his arrest, and “an admitted addict.” He also said the man has experience in drug-related and violent crime, has financial resources, and has contacts in California, Oregon, and Hawaii.

After his arrest in 2018 (drug-related), Lawhead paid bail and left Hawaii. He was taken in by Oregon State Police for possession of drugs as well as a restricted weapon. The police claim Lawhead to be “aware that he had a pending warrant and fled to Oregon on the belief that they would not extradite to Hawaii,” based on conversations they allegedly heard him have over the phone.

When Lawhead was deported back to Kauai, he made bail again, released until his trial.

In February, Lawhead was arrested once again, this time for allegedly stabbing a man in an altercation. Police say he immediately made bail with $10k out-of-pocket.

He was arrested once again after, on charges of drug possession. He awaits trial.